“La Bottega” offers a wide choice of cheeses, from parmigiano to taleggio, from buffalo milk mozzarella to Guffanti gorgonzola and, naturally, Toma, typical name of cheeses
produced in our region of which we have an excellent selection: Toma Mottarone, seasoned Toma Pastore with a slight liquorice aftertaste, delicate Toma from Valsesia and Maccagno, Toma Cascata with a taste that delights the palate, plus many other toma cheeses depending on the season of the mountain pasture (reason for which sometimes we are out of them). We also have an excellent selection of sweet goat cheeses, or as I call them “smelly ones” with a delicious taste. Naturally we also have pecorino cheese from Sardinia and much more…

We offer wonderful local products from biscuits to jams, to a wide assortment of honey, antipasti, wine and much more.

“La Bottega” uses its own brand to promote local quality products, a selection of national wines with a special attention to the escellent red wines of the region: Barolo, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Ghemme, Spanna, Barbera. We have a wide assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables, a small assortment of organic products and other fine things to discover.

We also sell newspapers and tobacco.